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Container Leasing Services


Container leasing involves entering into a working agreement with a shipping container supplier. The supplier agrees to deliver a minimum number of containers to the client, with the understanding that the containers will be used for a specified time and at a rate documented within the terms of the lease agreement. We began leasing containers services in the 1999’s and we are now one of the world’s leading international container lessors. We offer both Operating Lease and Finance lease solutions for short and long term durations including sale and leaseback.


GOLD’S Containers is the global leader in sales of new and used shipping containers, refrigerated containers, open-top containers, flat-racks, container chassis, and IMO tanks. With incomparable access to global supply, our experienced Gold’s Containers team is standing by to assist you with your next shipping container-related project.


The pressure on today’s container terminals is exceeding the wildest expectations. To increase terminal profits under these circumstances you have to increase productivity. One important factor is the driver performance. 

Gold’s containers is since long known for leading the race in sales and gold’s masted container handlers are no exception.


Do you want to rent a shipping container? Gold’s containers is the right partner! The gold’s containers meet all requirements and conditions as set out in guidelines of the international trade of goods transport. Gold’s Containers provides containers, within 24 hours, at the place of destination. We do this worldwide. We also like to take all operational and logistical tasks off your hands.